Tripiṭaka Koreana at Heainsa

TACL screenshot

This webspace serves as a repository for things created by Michael Radich and Jamie Norrish related to the Chinese Buddhist canon (dazanging 大藏經) and other areas of Buddhist Studies. We welcome comments and suggestions for improvements. Please email Michael.

A user-contributor database indexing evidence, arguments and assertions, in primary texts and secondary scholarship, bearing upon questions of attribution and dating of Chinese Buddhist texts.

A guide to the contents and use of the (above) Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database (CBC@).

A guide to the operation of the command-line version of of TACL, a suite of free software tools to assist scholars in the analysis of Chinese Buddhist texts.

A guide to rigorous Buddhological-philological method in the application of TACL to text-historical questions in Chinese Buddhism.

Resources for the use of the TACL GUI, a user-friendly interface for work with TACL.

A list of Radich's publications using methods based upon TACL, and additional datasets resulting from that work.

Files (with the .slr extension) for use with the CBReader, to limit searching to user-defined groups of texts; and a python tool to more easily create new .slr files.