Person: Vimalākṣa 卑摩羅叉

See Funayama (2004): 101-102, for a summary of the GSZ biography. He was Kumārajīva's Vinaya teacher in Kucha. He lectured on Vinaya in Jiangling 江陵 between 412 and 415, and this lecture, after various transformations, was eventually recorded as the 目連問戒律中五百輕重事 T1483 (Funayama refers to his own study of 1998). "His life period would fall between c. 338-414 with a margin of error by one or two years."

Date: fl. ca. 406-415

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translator 譯 No Yes [Sakaino 1935] Sakaino Kōyō 境野黄洋. Shina Bukkyō seishi 支那佛教精史. Tokyo: Sakaino Kōyō Hakushi Ikō Kankōkai, 1935. Sakaino Koyo 境野黄洋. Shina Bukkyo seishi 支那佛教精史. Tokyo: Sakaino Koyo Hakushi Iko Kankokai, 1935.