Text: X0907; 禪門章


Identifier X0907 [X]
Title 禪門章 [X]
Date [None]


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[X]  X = Xuzang jing. Shinsan dai Nippon zokuzōkyō (卍新纂大日本續藏經). Edited by Kawamura Kōshō 河村孝照; Nishi Giyū 西義雄, and Tamaki Kōshirō 玉城康四郎. Tōkyō : Kokusho Kankōkai, Shōwa 50-Heisei 1 [1975-1989]. Originally published by the Dai Nihon zoku Zōkyō. Kyōto : Zōkyō Shoin, 1905-1912. Version of the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA).

Entry author: Michael Radich


  • Title: 禪門章
  • Identifier: X0907


[Greene 2012]  Greene, Eric Matthew. “Meditation, Repentance and Visionary Experience in Early Medieval Chinese Buddhism.” PhD dissertation, U. C. Berkeley, 2012. — 285 n. 84

The Outlines of Chan Practice has been attributed to Zhiyi since at least the eighth century, and is listed as such in Saicho’s ninth-century catalog of the texts he brought back to Japan (Chuan jiao dashi jiang lai tai zhou lu 傳 教大師將來台州錄, T.2159:55.1055c18). However Satō Tetsuei has shown that while structurally the text appears to be a commentary on portions of the Explanation of the Sequential Path , the text presupposes the full gamut of Zhiyi’s writings, and moreover cites passages from Tiantai works such as the Si nian chu 四念處 that are now strongly suspected to have been written by Zhiyi’s disciple Guanding 灌頂 (Satō 1961, 273–276). Because the Outlines of Chan Practice has been little studied apart from Satō pioneering research, it is difficult to say more precisely from when this text might date, but it seems safe to take it as a seventh-century work." Sato Tetsuei 佐藤哲英. Tendai Daishi no kenkyu, Chigi o no chosaku ni kansuru kisoteki kenkyu 天台大師の研究; 智顗の著作に關する基礎的硏究. Kyoto: Hyakkaen, 1961.

Entry author: Michael Radich