Text: 更出小品


Identifier [None]
Title 更出小品 [Hayashiya 1941]
Date [None]
Translator 譯 Dharmarakṣa 竺法護, 曇摩羅察 [Hayashiya 1941]


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[Hayashiya 1941]  Hayashiya Tomojirō 林屋友次郎. Kyōroku kenkyū 経録研究. Tokyo: Iwanami shoten, 1941. — 407-408 n. 13

Hayashiya is examining a list of titles ascribed to Dharmarakṣa (see p. 395) in Dao’an’s catalogue, as preserved in CSZJJ. Sengyou mistakenly takes the phrase geng chu 更出 to refer to an alternate translation of the Prajñāpāramitā. However, according to Hayashiya, as KYL 開元録 points out, this in fact refers to the Xiuxing daodi jing 修行道地經 T606. The basis for this is the analogy with the situation with two other texts/titles listed in CSZJJ, which have titles including 更出; in those cases, also, Zhisheng suggests that Sengyou took an alternate title to indicate the existence of a separate text. Rather, 更出 here means that this was a second translation of the root text, after an earlier translation in the tradition; not that Dharmarakṣa 竺法護 himself translated the same text twice. Thus, it seems most likely that this "title" 更出小品 refers to T606 itself, and when Sengyou takes 更出小品 to refer to a separate text, then, he creates a ghost text.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki