Text: 更出首楞嚴


Identifier [None]
Title 更出首楞嚴 [Hayashiya 1941]
Date [None]
Translator 譯 Dharmarakṣa 竺法護, 曇摩羅察 [Hayashiya 1941]


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[Hayashiya 1941]  Hayashiya Tomojirō 林屋友次郎. Kyōroku kenkyū 経録研究. Tokyo: Iwanami shoten, 1941. — 408 n. 14

Hayashiya is examining a list of titles ascribed to Dharmarakṣa (see p. 395) in Dao’an’s catalogue, as preserved in CSZJJ. Hayashiya claims that this so-called 更出首楞嚴 is probably identical with Dharmarakṣa's lost 首楞嚴經, since the phrase 更出首楞嚴 appears in the description of 首楞嚴經, and this phrase might later have been misunderstood as a separate title. Hayashiya bases himself in part on analogous mixups with other alternate titles of Dharmarakṣa texts elsewhere in CSZJJ (see n. 13). Still, he also says that his view is not completely decisive.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki