Text: T2879; 普賢菩薩說證明經


Identifier T2879 [Gao 2004]
Title 普賢菩薩說證明經 [Gao 2004]
Date 隋 [Gao 2004]


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[Gao 2004]  Gao Wanyu 高婉瑜. “Shilun Puxian pusa shuo zhengming jing yu Zhou-Wu zhengquan de guanxi 試論《普賢菩薩說證明經》與武周政權的關係.” Gaoxiong shida xuebao 高雄師大學報 16 (2004): 293-308. http://ir.lib.nknu.edu.tw/retrieve/18747/ Accessed 12 February 2013. — 295, 297

Fu Andun 福安敦 and Gu Zhengmei 古正美 have estimated that this sūtra was composed under the Sui. The text was among the sources of the commentary on the Mahāmegha-sutra associated with the reign of Wu Zetian.

Entry author: Michael Radich


  • Title: 普賢菩薩說證明經
  • Date:
  • Identifier: T2879


[Strickmann 1990]  Strickmann, Michel. "The Consecration Sutra: A Buddhist Book of Spells" in Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha, edited by Robert E. Buswell, Jr., 75-118. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 1990. — 114 n. 35

Strickmann claims that the Puxian pusa shuo zhengming jing 普賢菩薩說證明經 T2879 is a Chinese apocalyptic composition which dates from the late sixth century. The sūtra refers to the “white-robed religious and laymen” which relates to the whitening of religious robes characteristic of later Maitreyan movements. For more on this text, Strickmann refers to Forte, Political Propaganda, pp. 271-280.

Entry author: Sophie Florence