Text: Datong fangguang jing 大通放廣經


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Title Datong fangguang jing 大通放廣經 [Funayama 2013]
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[Funayama 2013]  Funayama Tōru 船山徹. Butten wa dō Kan’yaku sareta no ka: sūtora ga kyōten ni naru toki 仏典はどう漢訳されたのか スートラが経典になるとき. Tokyo: Iwanami shoten: 2013. — 130, 132

Funayama mentions this text as part of a list of texts characterised by Makita as composed in China to "stimulate a certain type of doctrinal belief" 特定の教義信仰を鼓吹するもの, in this case meaning that the text propounds the virtues of confession of sins. XGSZ asserts that the place in which the text was composed was known, namely, the Jingxiang 荊襄 region; T2060:50.699c15.

Entry author: Michael Radich


  • Title: Datong fangguang jing 大通放廣經