Text: Mile pusa suowen benyuan jing 彌勒菩薩所問本願經; Mile benyuan jing 彌勒本願經


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Title Mile benyuan jing 彌勒本願經; Mile pusa suowen benyuan jing 彌勒菩薩所問本願經 [Boucher 1996]
Date June 18, 303 [Boucher 1996]
Translator 譯 Dharmarakṣa 竺法護, 曇摩羅察 [Boucher 1996]


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[Boucher 1996]  Boucher, Daniel. "Buddhist Translation Procedures in Third-Century China: A Study of Dharmarakṣa and his Translation Idiom." PhD dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1996. — 281

In the appendix to his dissertation Boucher provides a list of ninety-five texts attributed to Dharmarakṣa by Sengyou in his Chu sanzang ji ji出三藏記集 T2145, along with a note on relevant scholarship. Among these texts is the Mile benyuan jing 彌勒本願經, which Sengyou dated June 18, 303 (date only included in the Song, Ming, and Yuan editions). He adds that the text is also known as Mile pusa suowen benyuan jing 彌勒菩薩所問本願經.

Entry author: Michael Radich