Text: Wen diyu shi jing 問地獄事經


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Title Wen diyu shi jing 問地獄事經 [Sakaino 1935]
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[Sakaino 1935]  Sakaino Kōyō 境野黄洋. Shina Bukkyō seishi 支那佛教精史. Tokyo: Sakaino Kōyō Hakushi Ikō Kankōkai, 1935. — 239

Nothing is recorded about Kang Ju 康巨 in CSZJJ, nor in Dao’an. This name first appears in GSZ and next in LDSBJ. Both GSZ and LDSBJ ascribed the Wen diyu shi jing 問地獄事經 (not extant) to Kang Ju 康巨. However, LDSBJ’s record is unreliable, especially so since Fei cites the Zhu Zixing Han catalogue 朱子行漢錄 in its entry on this title. Materials are too scarce to judge if the GSZ’s record about Kang Ju 康巨 is correct or not.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki


  • Title: Wen diyu shi jing 問地獄事經