Text: Fa yuan ji 法苑集


Identifier [None]
Title Fa yuan ji 法苑集 [CSZJJ]
Date 516 [Naitō 1971]
Author Sengyou, 僧祐 [CSZJJ]


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[CSZJJ]  Sengyou 僧祐. Chu sanzang ji ji (CSZJJ) 出三藏記集 T2145. — T2145 (LV) 87b13-14

法苑集十卷 右一部第五帙

Entry author: Michael Radich



[Naitō 1971]  Naitō Ryūo 内藤竜雄 . "Sōyū no chosaku katsudō 僧祐の著作活動." IBK 20, no. 1 (1971): 284-287.

As part of a larger article considering Sengyou's oeuvre and its characteristics in general, Naitō argues that Sengyou was in the habit of continually revising his own works until very late in his life. Sengyou also gave to his own works a very explicit order [T2145 (LV) 87b9-16 --- MR]. There is no reason to suspect that this order is governed by the length or genre of the work, and Naitō proposes that it may be chronological, in order of composition. This suspicion is further confirmed by the fact that the preface to the last work on the list, the 法集雜記傳銘, speaks of already having composed seven (other) works. [CSZJJ is third on the list, after the Shijia pu 釋迦譜 and the Shijie ji 世界記 --- MR.] On this basis, Naitō proposes:

Shijia pu 釋迦譜 and the Shijie ji 世界記 should date before (the first version of) CSZJJ, i.e. to the late S. Qi.

The ten fascicle version of CSZJJ T2145 was completed in Tianjian 天監 3 (504). The latest material included in the revised (extant) version is from Tianjian 14 (515). [Presumably Naitō here refers to 以歲次協洽月旅黃鍾天監之十四年十月二十三日, in the 慧印三昧及濟方等學二經序讚 of Wang Sengru 王僧孺 (465-522), T2145 (LV) 50c3-4 --- MR.] Some propose that there is material included from Tianjian 16, but Naitō is not persuaded.

薩婆多部相承傳: around Tianjian 2-3 (503-504), based upon the dates of the events to which it relates.

法苑集: begun around Tianjian 3-4 (504-505), and expanded until around Tianjian 8-9 (509-510).

法苑集: Tianjian 3-6 (504-507).

十誦義記: first composed around forty years after Sengyou's ordination, so about 499; but this date is referred to as "in the past" within the work itself, so probably revised around Tianjian 8 (509).

法集雜記傳銘: around Tianjian 8-9 (509-510).

Entry author: Michael Radich