Text: Nan dengge diyi 難等各第一經


Identifier [None]
Title Nan dengge diyi 難等各第一經 [CSZJJ]
Date [None]
Translator 譯 Anonymous (China), 失譯, 闕譯, 未詳撰者, 未詳作者, 不載譯人 [CSZJJ]


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[CSZJJ]  Sengyou 僧祐. Chu sanzang ji ji (CSZJJ) 出三藏記集 T2145. — T2145 (LV) 18a16

In his "Recompilation of Dao'an's catalogue of anonymous sūtras" 新集安公失譯經錄, in the section dedicated to texts which were missing (to which he did not have access) 闕, Sengyou lists a Nan dengge diyi 難等各第一經:


Entry author: Michael Radich



[CSZJJ]  Sengyou 僧祐. Chu sanzang ji ji (CSZJJ) 出三藏記集 T2145.
[Dao'an catalogue]  Dao'an 道安. Zongli zhongjing mulu 綜理衆經目錄.
[Hayashiya 1945]  Hayashiya Tomojirō 林屋友次郎, Iyaku kyōrui no kenkyū‚ 異譯經類の研究, Tokyo: Tōyō bunko, 1945. — 465

Hayashiya examines Dao’an’s list of anonymous scriptures, as “recompiled” by Sengyou under the title 新集安公失譯經錄 at CSZJJ T2145 (LV) 16c7-18c2. The Nandeng ge di yi jing 難等各第一經 is listed as “missing” 闕; Sengyou adds an interlinear note: 舊錄云阿難迦葉[含 M]舍利弗說各第一經; 18a16. Hayashiya gives, in tabulated form, information about the treatment of the same texts in Fajing T2146, LDSBJ T2034, the KYL T2154, and his own opinion about whether or not the text is extant in T, and if so, where (by vol. and page no.). The above text is considered by Hayashiya to be “missing” (闕) from the Taishō edition of the canon.

Entry author: Merijn ter Haar