Text: T150A(30); 積骨經


Identifier T150A(30) [Nattier 2008]
Title 積骨經 [Nattier 2008]
Date [None]


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[Nattier 2008]  Nattier, Jan. A Guide to the Earliest Chinese Buddhist Translations: Texts from the Eastern Han 東漢 and Three Kingdoms 三國 Periods. Bibliotheca Philologica et Philosophica Buddhica X. Tokyo: The International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology, Soka University, 2008. — 53

This text occurs within a text otherwise ascribed to An Shigao, but was unknown to Daoan, and treated by Sengyou as anonymous.

Entry author: Michael Radich


  • Title: 積骨經
  • Identifier: T150A(30)