Text: 中阿含經


Identifier [None]
Title 中阿含經 [Ono and Maruyama 1933-1936]
Date 384-391 [Ono and Maruyama 1933-1936]
Translator 譯 *Dharmanandi(n) 曇摩難提, Dharmananda?; Zhu Fonian 竺佛念 [Ono and Maruyama 1933-1936]


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[Ono and Maruyama 1933-1936]  Ono Genmyō 小野玄妙, Maruyama Takao 丸山孝雄, eds. Bussho kaisetsu daijiten 佛書解說大辭典. Tokyo: Daitō shuppan, 1933-1936 [縮刷版 1999]. — s.v., Vol.8, 20-23 (Tachibana Shundō 立花俊道)

Tachibana Shundō 立花俊道 explains that there are two translations of 中阿含經, one of which is lost.

The lost one is recorded in juan 巻 13 of CSZJJ 出三藏記集 as translated by Dhammandi 曇摩難堤 as part of the translation project of 増一阿含 and 中阿含 from 384-391. Juan 3 of CSZJJ says that Dhammandi recited the original text and Zhu Fonian 竺佛念 translated it. GSZ 高僧傳 records that Dhammandi did not manage to complete the entire 中阿含. Little is known about the content of this text since it has been lost.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki