Text: Pusa youposai jie tan jing 菩薩優婆塞戒壇文


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Title Pusa youposai jie tan jing 菩薩優婆塞戒壇文 [Ōno 1954]
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[Ōno 1954]  Ōno Hōdō 大野法道. Daijō kai kyō no kenkyū 大乗戒経の研究. Tokyo: Risōsha 理想社, 1954. — 22, 429-430

According to Ōno, the Pusa youposai jie tan jing 菩薩優婆塞戒壇文 was listed in CSZJJ as the work of *Dharmakṣema [菩薩戒優婆[+塞 SYM]戒壇文一卷, T2145 [LV] 11b23; cf. Youposai jie jing 優婆塞戒經 T1488, still ascribed to Dharmakṣema in T], but classified as missing since. Ōno points claims out that all or part of the text is preserved in some lines in the middle of the Youposai wu jie weiyi jing 優婆塞五戒威儀經 (T1503 ascribed to *Guṇavarman 求那跋摩), viz., from 欲為菩薩優婆塞 to 如前廣說 (T1503 [XXIV] 1119c11-20). Contents relating to receiving three groups of pure precepts 三衆淨戒 by one’s own vow are the same as those presented in the chapter on precepts 戒品 of the Bodhisatvabhūmi 菩薩地持經 (T1581, ascribed to *Dharmakṣema), the only difference being the name, 律儀戒 in T1581 and 優婆塞五威儀 in the Pusa youposai jie tan jing. Ōno’s basis for this claim is the fact that CSZJJ records that the Pusa youposai jie tan wen was “issued” in the twelfth month Xuanshi 10 玄始十年十二月出, three years after *Dharmakṣema translated T1581. Accordingly, the words at the end of the extant version, 其餘諸事應如前廣說, should be regarded as a comment by *Dharmakṣema’ referring to the precepts chapter 戒品 of T1581 (429-430).

Ōno also states in an earlier section of the same book that it is doubtful if those lines preserve their original form, since they contain redundant wording 重複語 and orthographic errors 誤字.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki


  • Title: Pusa youposai jie tan jing 菩薩優婆塞戒壇文