Text: Song Qi lu 宋齊錄


Identifier [None]
Title Song Qi lu 宋齊錄 [Fei 597]
Date [None]
Author Daohui 道慧 [Fei 597]


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[Fei 597]  Fei Changfang 費長房. Lidai sanbao ji (LDSBJ) 歷代三寶紀 T2034. — T2034 (XLIX) 79c2, and infra

In LDSBJ, Fei Zhangfang refers to a supposed Song QI lu 宋齊錄 by Daohui 道慧 on 18 occasions, for titles he ascribes to such figures as Buddhayaśas, Zhimeng 智猛, Tanjue 曇覺, Jijiaye 吉迦夜, and *Buddhajīva 佛馱什.

Entry author: Michael Radich



[Tan 1991]  Tan Shibao 譚世保. Han Tang Foshi tanzhen 漢唐佛史探真. Guangzhou: Zhongshan daxue chubanshe, 1991. — 20

Tan reports that several catalogues cited by Fei Zhangfang in LDSBJ are supposed to have been compiled at a date earlier than the translation dates of the scriptures they recorded. Appealing on this basis to one of the principles that Liang Qichao proposed for recognizing forgeries, Tan thus questions the authenticity of the following catalogues:

- 古錄
- 舊錄
- 支敏度錄
- 支敏度都錄
- 竺道祖錄
- 趙錄
- 二秦錄
- 宋齊錄
- 道安錄

Entry author: Sharon Chi