Text: Houchu shoulengyan jing 後出首楞嚴經


Identifier [None]
Title Houchu shoulengyan jing 後出首楞嚴經 [CSZJJ]
Date [None]
Translator 譯 Anonymous (China), 失譯, 闕譯, 未詳撰者, 未詳作者, 不載譯人 [CSZJJ]


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[CSZJJ]  Sengyou 僧祐. Chu sanzang ji ji (CSZJJ) 出三藏記集 T2145. — T2145 (LV) 32b3

CSZJJ reports a "later issue of the *Śūraṃgamasamādhi-sūtra", which according to the Jiu lu had ten gāthās:


Note that in CSZJJ, this title is treated separately to the supposed Shu (Sichuan) version of the *Śūraṃgamasamādhi 蜀首楞嚴經, which is listed on the line immediately preceding.

Entry author: Michael Radich



[Lamotte 2003]  Lamotte, Étienne, tr. Śūraṃgamasamādhisūtra: The Concentration of Heroic Progress – An Early Mahāyāna Buddhist Scripture. translated by Sara Boin-Webb. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2003. — 65-66

Lamotte discusses reports of a Shu shoulengyan jing 蜀首楞嚴經 and Houchu shoulengyan jing 後出首楞嚴經, translated by groups in Sichuan 四川 under the Cao Wei 曹魏 (220-265 CE): the authors of the catalogues never had access to these two translations, but instead, derived their information from the Jiu lu 舊錄. The ten gāthās reported in the Jiu lu for the "Houchu..." (according a tradition beginning in our extant record with CSZJJ: 舊錄所載云有十偈) are not preserved in the extant T642.

Entry author: Chia-wei Lin