Text: T0183; 一切智光明仙人慈心因緣不食肉經


Identifier T0183 [T]
Title 一切智光明仙人慈心因緣不食肉經 [T]
Date 秦 [T]
Translator 譯 Anonymous (China), 失譯, 闕譯, 未詳撰者, 未詳作者, 不載譯人 [T]

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[T]  T = CBETA [Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association]. Taishō shinshū daizōkyō 大正新脩大藏經. Edited by Takakusu Junjirō 高楠順次郎 and Watanabe Kaigyoku 渡邊海旭. Tokyo: Taishō shinshū daizōkyō kankōkai/Daizō shuppan, 1924-1932. CBReader v 5.0, 2014.

Entry author: Michael Radich



[Ōno 1954]  Ōno Hōdō 大野法道. Daijō kai kyō no kenkyū 大乗戒経の研究. Tokyo: Risōsha 理想社, 1954. — 362

Ōno claims that, although KYL classifies the Yiqiezhiguangming xianren cixin yinyuan bu shi rou jing 一切智光明仙人慈心因縁不食肉經 T183 as an anonymous scripture of the Qin period (as per the byline still carried in T), the date of translation should rather be the Liang 梁 period or later, as the title is not listed in CSZJJ.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki