Text: T1563; 阿毘達磨藏顯宗論


Identifier T1563 [T]
Title 阿毘達磨藏顯宗論 [T]
Date [None]
Translator 譯 Xuanzang, 玄奘 [T]

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There are resources for the study of this text in the SAT Daizōkyō Text Dabatase (Saṃgaṇikīkṛtaṃ Taiśotripiṭakaṃ).


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[T]  T = CBETA [Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association]. Taishō shinshū daizōkyō 大正新脩大藏經. Edited by Takakusu Junjirō 高楠順次郎 and Watanabe Kaigyoku 渡邊海旭. Tokyo: Taishō shinshū daizōkyō kankōkai/Daizō shuppan, 1924-1932. CBReader v 5.0, 2014.

Entry author: Michael Radich


  • Title: 阿毘達磨藏顯宗論
  • People: Xuanzang, 玄奘 (translator 譯)
  • Identifier: T1563


[Brewster 2020]  Brewster, Ernest B. 2020. “Survivability: Vasubandhu and Saṅghabhadra on the Continuity of the Life of a Sentient Being as Translated by Xuanzang.” Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies 3.1: 167–224.
[Mejor 1991]  Mejor, Marek. Vasubandhuʼs Abhidharmakośa and the Commentaries Preserved in the Tanjur. Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1991. — Mejor 36-37 Brewster 171

In the Derge canon, we find the Chos mngon pa mdzod kyi bstan bcos kyi tshig le'ur byas pa'i rnam par bshad pa D 4091 [CXLI] (Commentary on the Verses of the Abhidharma Treasury). This work is sometimes treated—for example, in Lancaster's catalogue of the Taishō—as an equivalent to the 阿毘達磨藏顯宗論 T1563 (Treatise Illuminating the Tenets of the Abhidharma Treasury), Xuanzang’s translation of a treatise by Saṃghabhadra framed as a commentary on Vasubandhu’s Abhidharmakośabhāṣya. However, Mejor has found that D 4091 appears to be ‘a simple abridgement of the Abhidharmakośa, without polemics’. Based upon correspondences with a fragmentary Tibetan manuscript from Dunhuang (Stein No. 591), he identifies D 4091 as the *Abhidharmakośavṛttisūtrānurūpā. He summarizes: ‘It seems that we have here an example of an old, anonymous translation of an Indian text of a śāstra-commentary type, very early incorporated into the Tanjur and not subject to further revision or correction’. It is therefore fallacious to treat D 4091 as an equivalent to T1563.

Entry author: Billy Brewster