Text: T0772; 大乘四法經


Identifier T0772 [T]
Title 大乘四法經 [T]
Date [None]
Translator 譯 Divākara, 地婆訶羅 [T]

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There are resources for the study of this text in the SAT Daizōkyō Text Dabatase (Saṃgaṇikīkṛtaṃ Taiśotripiṭakaṃ).


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[T]  T = CBETA [Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association]. Taishō shinshū daizōkyō 大正新脩大藏經. Edited by Takakusu Junjirō 高楠順次郎 and Watanabe Kaigyoku 渡邊海旭. Tokyo: Taishō shinshū daizōkyō kankōkai/Daizō shuppan, 1924-1932. CBReader v 5.0, 2014.

Entry author: Michael Radich



[Okimoto 1972]  Okimoto Katsumi 沖本克己. “Bodhisattva Prātimokṣa.” IBK 21, no.1 (1972): 130-131. — 131

The *Caturdharmaka-sūtra 大乘四法經 T772 has similarities to Bodhisattva Prātimokṣa, perhaps as cited in the Śikṣāsamuccaya [Okimoto discusses relations between various Chinese texts and both of these Sanskrit sources, making it difficult to determine exactly which version of the text he refers to here], but without exact matching.

Entry author: Atsushi Iseki